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  • Ideas from the Wellbeing through Work team

    New Years' Resolutions

    Think it over…

     As you reflect on 2013, think about what went really well. What would you like to maintain? What would you like to be different?  

    Write it down…

    A goal not written down is a wish…  there is something about writing down a goal that will help you to plan it and work out if it really is a change that you would like to work towards and make.

    Create ‘SMARTER’ goals…

     A ‘SMARTER’ goal should be

     S – Specific - is the goal specific to you

     M – Measurable - will you know when you’ve achieved it?

     A – Achievable - is the goal realistic?

     R – Relevant - is it important to you?

     T – Timed - When will you achieve it by?

     E – Evaluate - can you review your progress?

     R – Reset - can you re-set it if you need to?

     E.g: Initial goal - “To be fitter in 2014”

    Smarter Goal - “To walk for ten minutes at lunch time every day”

    Would you like strategies to help improve and manage your health and wellbeing in work? If so, contact us on 0845 601 7556 to find out more.

  • Stress Awareness Day - 6th November 2013



    Stress is a physical and psychological response to events in everyday life. It becomes a problem when we don’t have the right resources to manage the demands placed upon us and can lead to physical and emotional ill health if not managed effectively.

    Questions to consider in helping to monitor your own levels of stress?

    • Am I getting irritable at people or things that don’t usually bother me?
    • Am I getting enough sleep?  Do I feel rested when I wake up?
    • Am I eating regularly, healthily and drinking sufficient fluids?
    • Do I have enough time for “me” in my personal life? Do I still make time for the things I enjoy (hobbies, exercise, relaxing etc)?
    • Am I carrying extra tension in my body? E.g. Increased headaches, neck & shoulder ache?
    • How do I use my breaks in the day?  Do I still take them?
    • Am I still in touch with people who are important to me? What does my personal support network look like?

    How do I solve problems? Can I problem solve effectively?

    What makes me laugh or smile? Am I still doing both?

    If you feel that managing stress is becoming a problem at work or home, then the Wellbeing at Work team may be able to support you. You can contact the team on 0845 601 7556


  • Wellbeing through Work Business Lunch Event - 26th November 2013


    Come and meet the Wellbeing through Work Team on the 26th November 2013 at The Heronston Hotel, Ewenny Road, Bridgend and find out how we can help you and your employees by supporting you to stay well and in work.
    Studies show that supporting staff can improve staff retention, reduce training and recruitment costs and therefore increase profitability by reducing absence.
    The Wellbeing through Work team focus on helping individuals overcome problems that may prevent them from staying in work and support people back to work if they are absent.
    Lunch will be provided.

    To register your interest please follow this link

    Download the agenda here

    Wellbeing through Work is funded by the EU’s Convergence European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.


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What we are about
What we are about
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How we can help you
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How we can help your organisation
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Welcome to the Wellbeing through Work website

Welcome to the Wellbeing through Work website
Welcome to the Wellbeing through Work website

If you are in need of support to stay in employment then the Wellbeing through Work service can help.  Experienced health professionals and employment advisors from the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board and Remploy can support employees working or living in Bridgend, Neath Port Talbot and Swansea stay in work, so benefitting them, their families and employers. The service is provided at no cost to individuals or employers. The project is is made possible by EU's Convergence European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.

For more information, please click on an image below:

Individuals - Manage your ConditionHealth Professionals - Manage your Condition      

Call our freephone number today for more information about waht you can receive from this free and confidential service or e-mail

0845 601 7556